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ACC can meet your electronic product development needs by providing full turn-key product design. We offer complete engineered solutions and design services involving many different areas of the product development process. We can satisfy your complete product development needs starting with a product concept and finishing with a ready-to-manufacture electronic product design. During the development cycle ACC can provide requirements analyses, software design, verification and validation testing, and many other product development capabilities.

Custom Electronic Services

We design, develop and manufacture all kinds of electronic products. The design requirements and specifications are generally developed through a cooperative effort between the client and ACC. In cases where the customer is not familiar with the electronic development process, we convert the project requirements from "plain English" to a functional electrical specification and then proceed towards completing the design.

Schematic & PCB Design

All of the custom electronics hardware that we design include schematic generation and PCB layout, prototyping & assembly by default. We can also offer PCB layout and schematic design as a standalone service for customers who want to convert any preexisting schematic diagrams that you already have into fully assembled and functioning prototypes.

Embedded Systems Design

Embedded Systems always include a microprocessor or a microcontroller as part of design. In many applications the use of very small microcontrollers often can replace the older methods of discrete component based designs. The result is a simpler, more flexible and less expensive solution that has the advantages of being programmable and can be easily customized without changing the hardware.

Prototyping & Manufacturing

ACC produces prototypes as part of the design cycle as well as for testing and further refinement. We offer production level manufacturing through a number closely associated electronic assembly companies. Often we provide integration, programming and testing of the finished product for the customer providing a product that is fully tested, configured and ready to go.